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Michael Hearne

Associate Senior Counselor

Michael Hearne has worked in higher education since 2007, bringing his experience working in an admissions office, with guidance counselors and now with an education non-profit organization, to Omega Educational Consulting. After graduating from Hofstra University in 2007, Michael joined the Hofstra University Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and spent the next five years recruiting for the institution, while also completing his M.S., Ed. in School Counseling. Beginning in 2010, Michael was also involved in the Nassau Counselors Association as Co-Chair of the Spring College Expo, the association’s flagship event that hosted over 300 colleges and universities, along with 5,000 students and their families.

Since 2015, Michael has served as Regional Director at World Education Services. In this role, Michael works with colleges and universities to provide them with the tools and resources to support their internationally educated applicants. Outside of his professional experiences, Michael is passionate about higher education, and has continued to pursue a Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration at SUNY Stony Brook University, to learn more about the college process. He brings these interests and experiences to his role as Associate Senior Counselor at Omega Educational Consulting to help students find their path and achieve their goals on their journey to higher education.

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